World of Adventure Sunday

12:45     Neil Henderson               Adventure in New Zealand


A guide to the best adventure activities, hikes and bike rides in New Zealand. From dolphin swimming to skydiving and glacier walking to mountain biking. This talk provides a comprehensive introduction of “must see” and “must do’s” for active travellers visiting New Zealand.



13:30     Jan Bakker          Tajikistan: Pamir Mountain Lakes – A journey across Tajikistan’s high-altitude lake district

Jan, co-author of Cicerone’s new guide Trekking in Tajikistan, takes you on a visually stunning journey on foot through the remote heart of the Pamir Mountains. In his lecture, he allows a glimpse into a high-altitude mountain environment seldom visited by foreign travellers. From walking through wild Pamir valleys surrounded by tumbling glaciers and pitching his tent on the shores of pristine turquoise mountain lakes to sipping endless cups of tea with local shepherds, his account of trekking in one of the least visited mountain regions on the planet will make your feet itching to go there.


14:15     Ralph Pannell    Ocean Giants with Marine Researchers, Filmers & Photographers

Ralph Pannell will describe opportunities to watch, swim, snorkel, freedive and scuba dive with the Giants of our Oceans, in the company of marine photographers, film producers, scientists and researchers. Ralph, an underwater photographer himself, will share his experiences of encounters in seas surrounded by hundreds of sharks, manta rays, blue whales and more; and latest research insights which for some species is confirming a recovery; and for others a continued dramatic decline.



15:00     Madison Plantier             The Good Earth: Uncovering the Unforgettable Landscapes of Gansu Province and Inner Mongolia in Northwest China

Located on the lesser -visited region of northwestern China, Gansu province and Inner Mongolia are both underappreciated treasure troves of natural beauty. The diversity of landscapes in these provinces is unparalleled and includes Yardangs, Danxia landforms, deserts, snow-capped mountains, grasslands and much more. Our presentation will cover the most magnificent scenery that these provinces have to offer and provide tips for how to plan a trip to this remote region.



15:45     Kat Davies           Japan’s Kumano Kodo: The UNESCO World Heritage Trek

Experience a remote, ancient and spiritual Japan while hiking the stunning UNESCO World Heritage Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trails that traverse the sacred mountains of the Kii Peninsula, due south of Kyoto. Follow in Emperor’s and samurai’s footsteps through verdant forested mountains to the three grand shrines of Kumano. Stay in a temple and eat Buddhist vegetarian cuisine in Koyasan, the high mountain basin and headquarters of the Shingon school of Buddhism established in 816. Join Kat to discover that there’s something for everyone, from short easy hikes of a few hours, to weekend and week-long itineraries with challenging mountain passes.



16:30     Peter Jartoft      Beowulf VS Hygelac


Beowulf, a fictional king in the Beowulf Epic Poem! But king Hygelac in the B.E.P was real, what kind of locations with names and archeology can we find that may explain the origin of the B.E.P? Later, we will continue with other real kinds resting in Greatland such as Emund Coalburner.