Wanderlust’s Multi-Media Seminars

Whether you’re looking to get into travel writing, make travel videos, or improve your photography, join Wanderlust’s Multi-Media Seminars for insider tips and expert advice…

During these 6 seminars, Wanderlust Magazine editors and leading industry experts will offer an introduction to the key areas of travel writing, travel photography and film-making. The seminars offer a mixture of informative lectures and open group discussion. Each 2-hour seminar has a limited number of participants to ensure you get the best learning environment possible – plus this gives you a brilliant chance to question the experts themselves.




09:30–11:30 Introduction to Travel Writing

Whether you are interested in writing for a career or simply for pleasure, and whether you’d love to be an author or a blogger, this seminar will inspire and inform on how to take your writing to the next level. A team of experienced editors and writers including Lyn Hughes of Wanderlust and Jonathan Lorie of  Traveller’s Tales will guide you through the different styles of writing, giving practical tips and tricks. Suitable for any level of experience.

12:30–14:30 Filming your Travel Adventures

Advances in technology means that making a film of your travels is easier than ever. But how do you make something to a professional standard – and can you even make money from it? Filmmaker Kevin Merrey will cover preparation and planning, tech/film gear, location planning, drone filming and post-production in this extensive seminar, as well as showing some inspiring examples of his work. For those wanting to go a step further to try to make income from it, this session will also cover working with brands and preparing a pitch.

15:30–17:30 Improving your Travel Photography

Before, during and after your trip, find out how to take your travel photography to the next level, whether you’re a beginner or enthusiast. Professional photojournalist William Gray will give expert advice on everything from choosing the right gear to telling a story with pictures. Suitable for all levels from beginners upwards.


10:00–12:00 Getting Published

Do you dream of writing a book, getting published in a magazine, or making a career from writing for websites? Lyn Hughes and Elizabeth Atkin of Wanderlust, freelance writer Emma Thomson and photojournalist, Will Gray,  will take you through the various outlets and opportunities, the skills involved, and how to make it. Suitable for any level of experience.

12:30–14:30 How to Make Your Photos Stand Out

Do your travel photographs lack the ‘wow factor’?  Photo journalist William Gray will teach you about how composition, viewpoint, light, movement and other crucial factors can transform your images from ordinary to extraordinary.

15:00–17:00 Making Money from Your Travels

Can you make money from travel writing, photography or filming? Can you mix work and pleasure? Can you produce a successful blog? Are there careers that pay you to travel? Whether you want to make travel your living, or whether you just want to subsidise your travels, Lyn Hughes of Wanderlust, freelance writer Emma Thomson and photojournalist Will Gray will give you essential tips, ideas and answer your questions.