True Traveller; Travel Insurance Partner

True Traveller is the official travel insurance partner of The Adventure Travel show. Originally set up as a travel company specialising in adventure holidays, True Traveller, insured by Allianz, is now the “go to” insurer and covers over 200 activities.

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Maybe you’re considering trekking the Inca Trail in Peru, going to Everest Base Camp, or a hang-gliding adventure? It can get a bit hectic organising everything before your adventure begins, so the team at True Traveller are here to make sure you pack the one essential document (other than your passport) that plenty of people forget. Travel Insurance.

When you apply for your insurance with us, you can choose from up to 3 policies for your trip. On those, we have four activity packs, based on the activity you’ll be getting up to. The basic Traveller pack covers 92 activities, including trekking to 3000M, right up to the Ultimate activity pack, which covers Ice Climbing and Ultramarathons, and everything in between. So, the whole process is tailor-made; you choose the cover you need for your adventure.

Funny thing getting travel insurance. You’re basically paying for a service that really, you hope to never have to use, but thank your lucky stars if you do. Ultimately, the best-case scenario would be never having to speak to us again.

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