Trekking in the Himalaya and the rest of the world – key information, tips and ideas for group and independent trekking

Saturday 18th 11.30-13.00

The Himalaya have always fed the dreams and called to those who love wild places. Stretching from Pakistan through Northern India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

The Himalaya offer an unparalleled wealth of landscapes and trekking opportunities.

Himalayan trekking and logistics are very different, so our panel of experts will be happy to discuss ideas and options, including the issues of food, tea houses and lodges versus camping, altitude, fitness, gear and permits, from their own extensive experience.

This seminar will mainly focus on the particular issues related to Himalayan trekking, although some coverage of other trekking locations outside of Europe will be included if time allows. A more focussed seminar for trekking outside Europe will be offered on Sunday 20th from 14.00-15.30.

Suitable for:

Experienced trekkers intending to embark on a Himalayan trek.

Self-supported or on an organised trekking trip

By attending this seminar you will:

  • Have the opportunity to discuss specific ideas or concerns with experts
  • Gain useful knowledge about how to plan, prepare and execute a Himalayan trek
  • Know what to take, and what not to take
  • Have suitable ideas and recommendations for a first Himalayan trek


  • Trekking pack list and additional considerations
  • Cicerone catalogue
  • Discount voucher for Cicerone
  • £20 voucher for Cicerone guidebooks of your choice



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