Trekking and journeys beyond the Alps and Europe – key information, tips and inspiration for trekking ‘out there’

Sunday 19th January 14.00-15.30

Adventure travel can mean different things to different people, but outside the relative security and familiarity of Europe, there’s a big world out there, full of quite different sights, sounds, smells and landscapes.

Whether you are climbing Kilimanjaro, exploring the Inca Trails of Peru or planning a pioneering trip deep into Tajikistan, our panel of experts will be happy to discuss some suitable ideas and insight from their own wide range of experiences.

This seminar will mainly take the form of open discussion to cover aspects of preparation, kit, logistics and fitness, as well as the additional issues and psychology related to remote and wilderness trekking.

Suitable for:

Experienced trekkers intending to explore ‘out there’.


Please note that Himalayan trekking will be specifically covered in the Himalaya trekking seminar.

By attending this seminar you will:

  • Gain useful knowledge and the opportunity to discuss how to plan, prepare and execute a trekking adventure in all parts of the world.
  • Know what to take, and what not to take
  • Have the opportunity to discuss specific ideas with experts


  • Trekking pack list and additional considerations
  • Cicerone catalogue
  • Discount voucher for Cicerone