Making your first multi-day trek a success

Saturday 18th January 09.30-11.00

If your first and only experience of long-distance walking or hiking was struggling with a heavy-laden pack on a camping trip with school or a youth group – think again!

Multi-day walking trips can be a wonderful experience – a journey of discovery and immensely rewarding, but only when you get things right.

This introductory seminar will cover all the key aspects of preparation, kit, logistics and fitness, and our expert panel will be on hand to help you choose a great route to ensure your first trek is an enjoyable and safe experience.

Suitable for:

  • First (or second) time trekkers
  • Self-supported or with luggage transfer
  • This seminar will be mainly related to first trekking experiences in the UK (National trails etc), first Camino walking, women trekking alone, trekking with a dog.

By attending this seminar you will:

  • Have the opportunity to discuss specific ideas or concerns with experts
  • Gain useful knowledge about how to plan and execute your first multi-day trek
  • Know what to take, and equally importantly what not to take
  • Discuss suitable ideas and recommendations for a first trek


  • Trekking pack list
  • Cicerone catalogue
  • Suggested list of first time treks
  • £20 voucher for Cicerone guidebooks of your choice