Incredible Journeys Theatre Sunday

10:30     Ann Foulkes       “The Most Beautiful Mountains in the World” – The Dolomites

Reinhold Messner described a mountain range as “The Most Beautiful Mountains in the World”. As the first mountaineer to summit all the 8000metre peaks in the world he’s seen more mountains than most of us, but which mountain range was he describing? They’re closer to home than you might think! (The Dolomites)


11:15     Emma Campbell               “Highlights of Jordan  and why it’s time to visit the Middle East”

The Middle East is a beguiling region, steeped in history. Tucan Travel have launched tours in Jordan, Israel and Egypt and want to highlight how travellers shouldn’t be put-off by travelling to these countries. Emma Campbell, Africa, Europe and Middle East destination manager, will talk about the highlights of these places, what not to miss, and why it’s also perfect for solo travellers.


12:00     Simon Cockerell               “Tourism in North Korea – What is it really like?”

North Korea is an egmatic and unconventional tourist destination, but Koryo Tours has been leading the market in taking foreign visitors for 25 years – what is it like to interact with local people? How to balance the many restrictions with the needs of visitors? And above all; what is it really like in North Korea?


12:45     Tudor Morgan; Hurtigruten Expedition Leader “The future of expedition cruising with Hurtigruten”

Travelling to Antarctica is the adventure of a lifetime. Find out from Expedition Leader Tudor Morgan how Hurtigruten make the very most of the opportunities Antarctica offers with new ships, new itineraries, and a skilled, seamless operation.


13:30     Jon Woodroof   (Life) Lessons from the Silk Road Mountain Race, Bikepacking’s Most Difficult Race

Jon Woodroof originally hails from Atlanta, GA in the United States. There, he got his start with racing fixies in alleycats & running a bike shop with two messenger friends. 10 years on and he has more than a decade of road crit, track, CX, touring & most recently bikepacking experience. With several longer distance rides & events like the Torino Nice Rally under his belt, Jon set off last August to compete in the Silk Road Mountain Race. The SRMR is a fixed route, unsupported, single-stage cycling race through the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Almost entirely unpaved & largely off-road, the race covers ~1670 kilometers & 26,000m of climbing. Jon will share the lessons he learned during the race, the personal circumstances that made this ride even more epic and what aspiring bikepackers can do to prepare for such a challenge.


14:15     Chris Duncan     The wonders of West Africa – The Gambia and Senegal

West Africa is back and now is the time for adventure travellers to visit says G Adventures’ Chris Duncan. Taking the audience on a journey of discovery through The Gambia and Senegal, Chris will discuss all that these emerging destinations have to offer, from an incredible history and rich culture to the mystical pink waters of Lake Retba and biodiversity and wildlife to satisfy the biggest of nature lovers.


15:00     Daniel McCrohan             The Trans-Siberian – Still the World’s Greatest Train Ride

Currently writing the new edition of Trailblazer’s Trans-Siberian Handbook, Daniel McCrohan has all the latest information on taking the train across Russia and Siberia to Mongolia and China. How to organise the trip yourself, the best places to stop off, what to take and other vital tips on this, the greatest of all train journeys. As Eric Newby said: ‘The Trans-Siberian is the big train ride. All the rest are peanuts’.


15:45        Francesca Trotman – Love the Oceans                        How to Travel Ethically: An Insider’s Perspective

With the development of the volunteering and ecotourism sectors, Underwater Photographer and Founder of Love The Oceans NGO Francesca Trotman shares insider knowledge and tips on how to travel ethically. Navigating the minefield of the voluntourism industry can be a nightmare and it’s important to know how to spot a good egg from a bad one, to ensure both you and the community you’re travelling to, benefit.


16:30     Sam McManus  Nomads in the Tian Shan: The beautiful ways of Kyrgyzstan

I have spent the last two years exploring the incredible country of Kyrgyzstan; trekking and riding along the Silk Road, traversing glaciers and scaling a technical peak in the Tian Shan Mountains; galloping horses along alpine lakes; attending the World Nomad Games witnessing traditional music, archery on horseback, wrestling and the violent nomadic version of polo ‘buzkashi’; snow shoeing and free-skiing in the winter. Discover one of the last great frontiers of nomadic life.