Incredible Journeys Theatre Saturday

10:00     Olie Hunter-Smart          Walking India – Breaking the stereotype

When people think of India, they often think of bustling cities, vibrant colour and dense populations.  Though this is true in parts, Olie will share his experience of walking the length of India in 2017.  This 4,500km journey to uncover untold stories of India’s struggle for Independence took him slowly from the high Himalayas to the most southerly tip; through megacities to the rural heartland; exposing him to “real India”.  Olie will speak of how the varying climates and terrains shaped the cultures and communities throughout the country of today, and how these impacted his personal experiences, both mentally and physically.


10:45     Bret Charman    Papua New Guinea – One of the World’s Final Frontiers’

One of the world’s final frontiers, Papau New Guinea is unlike anywhere else on earth. This is a land where tradition meets the 21st centuary and each tribe has it’s own unique culture. Bret Charman shares his experiences in this remarkable country, including photographing the mesmerising Baining fire dance, swimming with spinner dolphins and searching for birds of paradise.


11:30     Verena Meraldi; Hurtigruten Expedition Team Member – Biologist/Photographer          “Expedition vessels as a platform for science, how we contribute to scientific research”

With the Expedition Cruise market growing and growing, it’s important to look at how we can not only use these voyages as an opportunity for guests to experience this amazing environment, but also for guests and crew to contribute to key scientific research that helps us understand them better.


12:15     Alan Palmer       “The Buddhist and Tribal Landscape of Arunachal Pradesh, the Indian Himalayas”

Nestling at the eastern end of the Himalayas, the remote Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh offers a breath-taking fusion of traditional cultures. Alan takes us along his recent journeys by 4×4 and on foot through isolated donyi polo (animist) tribal villages to reach the world’s largest Buddhist monastery outside Tibet.


13:00     Mahmood           North Pakistan, Where Continents Collide

Explore thousands of kilometers of jeep treks and footpaths of three of the worlds highest mountain ranges: Himalayas, Karakorum and Hindu Kush and share experiences with the truly isolated, diverse and hospitable people of Hunza and Kalash. Walk to Nanga Parbat base camp and enjoy the Holy Grail Concordia: expedition to K2, the second highest monster peak, trekking on the longest breathtaking Baltoro Glacier.


 13:45     Chris Duncan, Becki Enright & Stuart Kenny       Taking the first step – your trekking questions answered

Whether you’re a first time trekker or a seasoned hiker, this informative panel discussion is designed to answer those queries every traveller has before embarking on a trekking adventure. From what to pack, fitness training and dealing with altitude to how to pick the right trek for you, G Adventures’ Chris Duncan, adventure travel journalist Stuart Kenny and Borders of Adventure founder, Becki Enright share their tips and tricks for a successful trekking adventure.


14:30     Laurenne Mansbridge   Land of the Lemurs! Fall in Love with Madagascar

Pioneer Director, Laurenne, has a deep knowledge and understanding of Madagascar. It is without doubt her favourite destination in the world. Having operated there for 10 years, Pioneer have developed an unrivalled range of trips to Madagascar – from wildlife and nature trips to adventure, trekking, climbing, kayaking, rafting, cycling, photographic tours and more! In this talk Laurenne offers her insight to offbeat Madagascar, it’s wildlife, it’s challenges, when best to travel and hidden gems to discover.


15:15     Jessica Brooks   21st Century Mongolia

Mongolia is predominantly sold as a stereotype – nomads, pristine wilderness and a land that hasn’t changed since the time of Chinggis Khan. However, Mongolia is firmly embracing the 21st Century. This talk is for those considering travelling to Mongolia to learn a little more about the reality of the country in the 21st Century.


16:00     Ian McClelland   Western Greenland: More than the incredible ice!

An insight into some unique reasons western Greenland can offer the “non-polar explorer” an incredible summer experience. An introduction to its incredible history and culture, the wildlife that’s there (and not there!), its delicate environment( and how to be an environmentally considerate traveller), the ice cap and the region’s role as the “ heartbeat of the planet”.


16:45       Javier Solis        Patagonian fjords, Cape Horn & the Straits of Magella

Join Javier as he shares his experiences of the Patagonian fjords, it’s wildlife, landscapes and history of the dramatic stories of survival that the region is rich in.