Discover Africa Sunday

09:45   Aled Evans      Somaliland – The country that doesn’t exist


Somaliland is the country that isn’t’. An unrecognised, self-declared state, internationally considered to be an autonomous region of Somalia, Somaliland has all the trappings of a ‘real’ country. With its own currency, consulates, security forces and flag, it is hard not to call Somaliland a country in its own right.



10:30   Steph Millington       Hidden Morocco: From Mainland to Ocean Shore


While Morocco is a land bustling cities and wind-swept deserts, there’s a side to it that’s often missed by those lost in the country’s lively souks and resorts. Having taken a route from the Atlas mountain down to the Atlantic Ocean, Steph Millngton discusses a hidden side to Morocco. From the southern coast of Taghazout, a fishing village that was adopted by surfers back in the 60s,  to the traditional towns of Sidi Ifni, where men are quite often in traditional dress, Steph shares her experiences of travelling through southern Morocco and highlights how it’s so different to the Morocco that most people know.



11:15   Sam McManus           Wax & Gold: Discovering the real Ethiopia


This talk depicts an epic journey of three months in which Sam traversed the entire country alone to explore both it’s known and completely uncharted mountain ranges, discover its ancient cultural heritage, and experience the religious festivals and legendary hospitality of this most unique of countries.


12:00   Sarah Hennessy         Zimbabwe – Open for Business!