Cycle Touring – trekking on a bicycle, UK to worldwide

Saturday 18th January 13.30-15.00 and Sunday 19th January 12.00-13.30

Cycle touring is a great way to explore further, and slightly faster, but still with time to enjoy the scenery you pass through, with plenty of fresh air!

Cycle touring has become increasingly popular, particularly with the development of better bike design and performance, and the advent of the e-bike. The most popular routes range hugely in difficulty however, so choosing a tour appropriate to your experience and fitness will make a massive difference to your enjoyment.

This seminar will cover the key aspects of preparation, kit, choice of bike/maintenance, training, fitness and injury prevention, and our expert panel will be happy to discuss some suitable ideas, whether you are an experienced cyclist looking for something a bit different, or planning your first cycle touring trip.

Suitable for:

Anyone intending to go cycle touring, – emphasis will be on advice for first time cycle touring, or first experiences in new situations.

Self-supported or with luggage transfer

This seminar will cover all aspects of cycle touring, from short UK tours through to routes in Europe and cycle touring expeditions worldwide.

By attending this seminar you will:

  • Gain useful knowledge about how to plan and execute a successful cycle touring trip
  • Know what to take, what not to take, and get tips on equipment
  • Have the opportunity to discuss specific ideas with experts
  • Have suitable ideas and recommendations for a first cycle tour


  • Kit and equipment list
  • Cicerone catalogue
  • Suggested (graded) list of cycle tours
  • Discount voucher for Cicerone