Cicerone’s Trekking Seminars

The team from Cicerone are returning to the show to exhibit and deliver some inspiring trekking and cycle touring seminars, delivered by an experienced team of authors and professional ambassadors.

Back by popular demand are cycle touring seminars and a range of trekking seminars covering everything from the basics of packing light for first-time or inexperienced trekkers through to those planning expeditions to all corners of the world.

You’ll gain plenty of ideas for incredible journeys to make, from UK national trails through to amazing trekking routes in the Himalaya, Europe, Asia, Japan, Tasmania and the Americas, all from Cicerone’s huge range of over 150 trekking and cycle touring guidebooks.

Among the workshop leaders and their areas of expertise are Paddy Dillon (prolific guidebook writer and island specialist), Cressida Allwood (expedition leader and global cyclist), Mike Laing and Alex Kendall (both are guidebook authors and expedition leaders), Mike Wells (cycle touring) and Kat Davis (Caminos/pilgrim trails and Japan).

The content of each workshop will be tailored according to the skills and experience of those attending, and most importantly what everyone would most like to learn from the session, with an additional half-hour at the end providing ample opportunity for further questions and discussion.

Multi-day walking trips can be a wonderful experience – a journey of discovery and immensely rewarding, but only when you get things right. No matter what you are planning, these seminars provide an environment where you can get good, relevant advice and insight, to make any trekking trip a success, wherever in the world and whatever your level of experience.



Trekking Seminars