The Best Travel Books of 2020

The Best Travel Books of 2020

These are 2020's top travel books (Images c/o publishers)

Whilst travelling is a no-go, we’ve desperately been seeking ways to feed our wanderlust – from cooking new cuisines and virtual trips around South America, to a virtual travel guide to Malaysian Borneo. But perhaps you need a break from screens and the kitchen, another way to explore the world beyond the four walls of your house.

We all know that reading has countless benefits from mental health to brain training, and travel books are no different. Let yourself be transported to another land as you follow fellow travellers on their adventures, experiencing their journeys every step of the way.

Whether you’re looking for some travel inspiration for once travel bans have been lifted, or want to learn about other cultures, here are a few of our favourite picks from Wanderlust’s ‘Best Travel Books of 2020 (so far)’.


1,000 Places to See Before You Die: The World as You’ve Never Seen It Before, by Patricia Schultz


This book’s design will open your eyes through photos and a short description of the places and a recommendation
list of ‘Must Do’s’

 A wonderful guide that will give you plenty of ideas on where to visit when you are released back into the world whilst offering an extensive list of ‘Must Do’s’. The big and beautiful photos will take you on a visual journey across each of the globe’s regions. Stunningly designed, keep it on your coffee table to flip through on a lazy afternoon while day dreaming about your next trip.








Stories of the Sahara, by Sanmao

Explorer and novelist Sanmao shuns societal norms to embark on a ground-breaking adventure across the Sahara desert.

Influenced by her own memories, this incredible book or memoirs takes you from eye-opening experiences in desert bathhouses to divine rainstorms, whilst reminding you the importance of seeking new experiences and adventures.

Her engaging memoirs capture the spirit of an adventurous soul which was way ahead of her time.
Sanmao’s curiosity and wonder are infectious and will certainly encourage you to enhance and fulfil your travels to their true potential. Her openness and compassion for others is admirable without romanticising the struggles and limitations of their lives and culture.

This book will give you touch with a very different and mysterious world.

So, grab yourself a cup of tea, or perhaps the most exotic wine you can find in the fridge, get comfortable and let these stories transport you many miles away. For a full list of must-read travel books take a look at Wanderlusts’s list of ‘The Best Travel Books in 2020 (so far)’.




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