Alpine and European trekking for all – choosing and walking the right routes

Saturday 18th January 13.30-15.00 and Sunday 19th January 12.00-13.30

The popularity of trekking in the Alps is a growing phenomenon, and it’s easy to see why – photographs of happy trekkers on easy paths, against a background of snow-covered peaks and azure lakes.

Trekking in the Alps and the rest of Europe can be a wonderful experience and immensely rewarding. The most popular routes range hugely in difficulty, so choosing a trek appropriate to your experience and fitness will make a massive difference to your enjoyment.

This seminar will cover the key aspects of preparation, kit, logistics and fitness, and our expert panel will be happy to discuss some suitable ideas, whether you are a seasoned alpine trekker looking for something a bit different, or planning your first European trek.

Suitable for:
Anyone intending to trek in the Alps and other regions of Europe – first time, to seasoned alpine trekker
Self-supported or with luggage transfer

Covering trekking routes and ideas throughout the Alpine chain, from the ‘bragging rights’ routes such as Tour of Mont Blanc to lesser-known traverses and circuits and routes to create yourself for the more adventurous and seasoned trekker.

By attending this seminar you will:

  • Have the opportunity to discuss specific ideas with experts
  • Gain useful knowledge about how to plan and execute an alpine trek (or other European trek)
  • Know what to take, and equally importantly what not to take
  • Understand how to book and stay in mountain huts


  • Trekking pack list
  • Cicerone catalogue
  • Suggested (graded) list of treks
  • £20 voucher for Cicerone guidebooks of your choice


Cicerone Speakers