Adventure Travel Film Festival 2020 London Premier

Make the most of your visit to the show on Saturday 18th January and enjoy an immersive evening of independent adventure travel films curated by Austin Vince from the Adventure Travel Film Festival.

Premiering some of the best independent travel film shorts from across the adventure travel spectrum, the night concludes with a full-length film ‘Going The Distance’ by newlyweds Mike and Alanna Clear. The Clears will introduce their film and take Q & A’s after the showing.

Screening time: Saturday 18 January 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm in the Adventure Auditorium.



Going The Distance – Mike & Alanna Clear


Brit newlyweds Mike and Alanna Clear decided to do things in reverse. They spend their first three years together testing their marriage to destruction! They bought a 1930s-styled URAL motorcycle and sidecar, shipped it to Alaska and then set their sights on Ushuaia.

The stress kicked in well before they left because they had a secondary mission: to make a serious documentary about what it takes to hold a relationship together. En route they interviewed hundreds of couples and asked them what it took to make a marriage ‘work’.

The resulting film is one of the most original and remarkable films of the last decade. A standalone masterpiece.


The Lonely Planet Omelette Shop

Omlette Shop in India that has been recommended by Lonely Planet  A charming snapshot of an Indian Institution that peddles, er…. Omelettes!


The Shipping Yard

The Shipping Yard - a short film directed by Brandond Li about what working on a shipyard in Dubai is like  The daily grit and grind behind the scenes at Dubai’s unglamorous docks.

28 Feet – life on a little wooden boat

28 Feet - Life on a little boat

Utterly perfect demonstration of what happens when you sell everything and go and live on a boat that is… how big!

La Limousienne

Lois Pryce driving a classic beetle car through a field in France

Travel writer Lois Pryce reminds us that not all adventures have to be afar. Here, she whizzes around the Dordogne in a vintage Citroen 2CV