Adventure Planning Seminars

Overlanding with Chris Scott

This seminar is designed to provide practical advice for those planning an overland trip from experienced overland planner, expedition leader and author, Chris Scott.

The seminar will cover the following areas:
  • Identification of the primary overland routes from Europe to Africa and Asia, and through the Americas,
  • Information on shipping and the best time to visit locations
  • Trip planning processes and techniques.
  • Online resources to help with trip planning.
  • Information on the pre-departure paperwork required.
  • Typical costs of overlanding and how to deal with money on the road.
  • Route outlines: a more detailed look at the major trans-continental overland routes.
  • Advice on the choice of vehicle to use: covering everything from an old banger to a quarter-million-pound truck or buying/renting overseas.
  • Equipping the vehicle: from basic camping out of the back of a station wagon to a lavish overland truck.
  • Common vehicle problems and how to deal with them
  • Life on the road: navigation, borders, money, security, communications
More about Chris Scott…

Since 1982 Chris Scott has undertaken over forty expeditions through the Sahara from Egypt to the Atlantic by motorcycle, 4×4, M.A.N truck, Mercedes saloon car, bush taxi and with camel caravans. All of these trips have enabled him to gain an unparalleled knowledge of the practicalities of desert travel across the entire Sahara both as a tourist, a driver, rider, trekker and as a tour leader. His experience is not limited to desert travel. In 2008 Chris cycled from China through the Karakoram and Hindu Kush to Chitral in Pakistan. A year later he took a similar 800-km ride across the Himalaya from Leh to Shimla, including a rather “hairy” ride across the Kibber Span.

An accomplished author, his books have frequently been described as ‘bibles’ for adventurous overland travel and his travel articles have featured regularly in dozens of 4×4, motorcycle and adventure travel publications in the UK, Australia and the US. They include Wanderlust, Geographical magazine, Overland Journal, Land Rover Owner magazines, the Independent, National Geographic Adventure, and Guardian Online.