Adventure Auditorium Sunday

10.30 – 11.00       Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent          Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains: A Journey Across Arunachal Pradesh – India’s Forgotten Frontier 

Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent is a travel writer and director of the travel company Silk Road Adventures. Her penchant for extreme travel has led to her writing three books, setting an unlikely Guinness World Record and exploring little-known regions from Siberia to the eastern Himalayas and beyond. Her latest book, Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains: A Journey Across Arunachal Pradesh – India’s Forgotten Frontier (Simon & Schuster, 2017) was Shortlisted for the Stanford’s Adventure Travel Book of the Year 2018. She also writes for The Telegraph, Geographical, Wanderlust and more. She’ll be speaking about her travels in Arunachal Pradesh.  Expect tales of shamans, animal sacrifice, sacred Himalayan valleys and much more. 



11.15 – 11.45       Andy Bartlett     “Twice Across Europe by River & Road – If he can do it, anyone can”

Andy passionately believes that travel and adventure is for everyone, not just for professional adventurers, the young or wealthy. All you need is a few hours or days to spare and the ability to get over the start line. In 2016 Andy took his Stand Up Paddleboard 3000km across Europe through 10 countries and 4 capital cities. Still with an itch to scratch, in the summer of 2018 he set off once more to retrace his path but this time traveling on two wheels.  He bike packed his way from London to the Black Sea taking in 4500Km and 12 countries over 30 days where he saw a whole new side to a continent he thought he’d already come to appreciate. He’ll be sharing stories from both his journeys about the people he met, the countries he travelled through along with giving practical tips on planning, budgeting and the equipment he used.



12:00 – 12.30       Marc Leaderman & Michael Pullman     “Secrets of Central Asia & the Old Silk Road”

The wilds of Central Asia are amongst some of the most mysterious and fascinating regions anywhere on earth. These are lands that still stir the imagination, where glittering palaces of turquoise and gold emerge like shimmering mirages from the desert plains and the call to prayer transports us back to a time of merchant caravans and nomadic invaders.Join Wild Frontiers’ experts, who with more than 20 years’ experience travelling, leading groups and designing tours across the region, will offer an insight into the wonders of the ancient Silk Road and the unique cultures that have survived and flourished for 1000s of years in one of the most remote corners of the world – including China, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.



12:45 – 13.15       Richard Matheson Harpham               Exploring Canada’s Wild Side

Richard is a human-powered adventurer who has completed over 10,000 miles on the trail by canoe, bike, kayak, SUP and ski. 2018 saw him surviving the Yukon winter in minus 70 below, leading a canoe expedition on the Yukon River and helped map the North Seal River in Northern Manitoba. His adventures have featured on the BBC1, Huffington Post, National Geographic Kids Magazine and plenty more. Hear his gripping and amusing stories from the wild side.


13:30 – 14:00       Nicholas Dyer                           Africa’s Painted Wolf Dynasty, Saving a Species 

100 years ago, there were half a million painted wolves. Today only 6,500 of these incredible creatures remain following a century’s persecution by mankind. Nicholas Dyer has spent the last six years following and photographing three packs of painted wolves on foot in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe. Two of these years were spent photographing alongside the BBC team who were filming the painted wolf episode of David Attenborough’s Dynasties series.

In this talk, Nicholas gives a deep insight into the behaviour of the painted wolf, describing their incredible hunting skills, extraordinary social interactions and how the pack co-operates to bring up their pups.


14:15 – 14.45       George Bullard                 “Adventures in the Deep Freeze”

Battling against the frozen chicken nuggets and children ice lollies isn’t what the Adventure Travel Show normally consists of but if anyone knew it would be this guy: George Bullard is a world record breaking explorer who holds one of the most sought after classic polar world records – in essence he has spent an extraordinary amount of time living in the freezer! For 30 mins George will be sharing some of the more exciting moments of what it takes to walk 1,374 miles fully unsupported in the Arctic!.



15:00 – 15.30       Jon Barber – “Hiking two of Japan’s most Spiritual Trails: the Nakasendo and Kumano Kodo”

During spring 2018, self confessed Japan travel nut and avid explorer Jon Barber returned to his favourite country to take on two of Japan’s most spiritual hiking trails, the Nakadendo and Kumano Kodo. Jon will passionately share his experiences walking the trails of hidden Japan. If you are planning a trip , outside the modern cities, this is talk not to miss.



16.30 – 17.00     Chris Scott           Over landing In Morocco

For the adventurous traveller, Morocco south to the Atlas Mountains is the real thing, the place which inspires your imagination. Guidebook author Chris Scott has travelled there by car and motorcycle since the early 1980s, exploring the mountains and the desert fringes beyond. You’ll leave this talk fizzing with ideas on how to accomplish your own self-drive Moroccan adventure.