Adventure Auditorium Saturday

10:00 – 10.30       Anna Blackwell – kayaking the Continent: From London to the Black Sea

In April this year, adventurer Anna Blackwell set out to tandem kayak from London to the Black Sea in Romania, accompanied by her friend Kate. Over the next five months, the pair navigated over 4,000km of rivers and canals as they paddled through eleven countries and five capitals cities across Europe. Along the way, they overcame busy, industrial waterways (including the English Channel), equipment failures, illness and storms, met countless fantastic people, and had experiences that made this a truly epic adventure.

10:45 – 11.30       Dave Cornthwaite  – “An Adventurous Habit”

Dave Cornthwaite has completed 14 non-motorised journeys over 1000 miles,and hundreds of smaller adventures and social projects. Using vibrant slides and film, Dave will lay out a manifesto for an adventurous life whatever your life looks like. In recent year’s Dave has formed a global community called the YesTribe, based around the idea that developing positive habits and enjoying even the hardest challenges are a blueprint to living a healthy, happy life, and that saying yes more is a key to making the most of our short time on this planet. This funny, anecdotal and thought-provoking lecture will have you ready to jump out of your seat and give life a new twist.


11:45 – 13.15       Levison Wood – “Journeys through the Badlands and Beyond”

Last year [2018] Levison Wood completed a circumnavigation of the Arabian Peninsula. Following in the footsteps of notable travellers past – T E Lawrence, Wilfred Thesiger, Gertrude Bell and Freya Stark – Levison travelled by foot, camel, mule, truck, car, and even battle tank through thirteen Middle Eastern countries. Ever since he read the journeys of the great explorers of the Golden Era, it had been Levison’s dream to explore this part of the world, a region so controversial and hotly contested, and to see for himself what it really means to live in modern day Arabia. This was the pinnacle of all Levison’s expeditions to date, his most challenging yet, and he’s coming to share with us the tales and discoveries from his journey through Arabia: the heart of the Middle East.


13:30 – 14.00       Andy Skillen – “Walking with bears: on foot adventures with Grizzlies and Polars”

Andy has spent much of his career flat on his face in the mud, snow, water and, well anything else that happens to be there, to bring the workd of unique images of griszzly and polar bears…on foot. As one of just 4 photographers worldwide to take people to see arctic giants on their terms, as well as frequenting a whole host of ‘off the beaten track’ brown bear locations, Andy has a unique take on what it is to work with and photograph these icons of the wilderness. Join us in the auditorium and hear of some of the more hair raising encounters that Andy has gone through in his pursuit for recording ursine behaviour.


14:15- 14.45        Chris Sharma     What does it take to conquer the most difficult climbs in Catalonia?

World renowned climber Chris Sharma shares his love and experiences of climbing in Lleida and Catalonia, a region filled with opportunities for adventure enthusiasts.  From climbing to snowboarding, white-water rafting to cycling, you’ll understand why Chris has made this region his home.


15:00 – 15.30       Aldo Kane           What is it like to be inside an active volcano when it was erupting? Aldo Kane reveals this and much more…

Aldo Kane is a World Record setting adventurer, explorer and former Royal Marine Commando who now specialises in providing safety for film and TV productions in extreme environments around the world. Aldo shares his experiences which includes rowing the Atlantic, being embedded with Narco hit men and achieving 8 world firsts last year.


15.45 – 16.15       Rebecca Stephens MBE                “Crossing 3 Continents with Rebecca Stephens”

Rebecca explores a lifetime of journeys and learning from exquisitely beautiful lands and the people who inhabit them, in Antarctica, Africa and the Himalayas. Join Rebecca to hear some of the highlights beyond Everest and the Seven Summits – in Bhutan, Ladakh, Nepal and Tibet, Antarctica and South Georgia, and Africa, and hear about an opportunity to join her on her upcoming trip to Ethiopia.

16.30 – 17.00       “Dave Cornthwaite, Jo Bradshaw, Lindsey Cole, Mel Nichols and Andy Bartlett

 A Life of Adventure: Panel Discussion