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The UK’s only exhibition dedicated to travel experiences off the beaten track returns to Olympia, London on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th January 2019

Discover once in a lifetime travel experiences; small group adventures; overland and sea expeditions; volunteering and career break projects; walking and trekking routes; Safaris; Ecoadventures and more!  Travel specialists from across the globe, explorers and adventurers will be on hand to inspire, help and prepare visitors for their next amazing adventure.

  • Choose from over 100 free inspirational talks over 4 theatres
  • The show features a host of unmissable seminars and workshops designed for both experienced and ‘rookie’ travellers
  • Turn your hobby into a profession in Wanderlust’s Multimedia Seminars, giving you essential advice in travel photography, writing and filming
  • NEW! Cicerone Trekking Workshops – presented by Cicerone Guides’ highly experienced panel of authors, providing ideas on where to go, advice on how and when to do it and what you need to know in terms of logistics, kit and fitness
  • Find out how you can travel the world by motorbike, what could be cooler than that! Seminars are hosted by world-renowned expedition planners
  • Make the most of your visit to the show on Saturday 10th and enjoy an immersive evening at the Adventure Travel Film Festival, showcasing the best independent travel films from this past Summer’s popular event.

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Let's talk adventure – Packed with information and inspiration, and much more
Get expert help and advice on Adventure Planning, Adventure By Motorcycle, Travel Writing,...
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Join us Saturday evening (19th Jan) and enjoy a selection of excellent adventure travel fi...
What is The Adventure Travel Show and why should you come...
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  • Once-in-a-lifetime Travel Experiences
  • Small Group Adventures
  • Intimate Wildlife Encounters
  • Exclusive Expeditions
  • Exploratory Journeys
  • Remote Discoveries
  • Volunteering and Career Break Projects
  • Walking and Trekking
  • Safaris

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