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Thinking of a self-supported trip of a lifetime or the ultimate travel challenge? Planning to drive a black cab around the world to raise funds for charity or to break a world record to cycle as far as you can in 7 days? Or maybe you came up with a mad plan in the pub for an epic expedition and now have to follow it through…

Whilst there is an excellent array of organised adventure travel tours available, more and more people are now planning their own personal adventures. Whether it be by vehicle, bicycle, motorcycle, horseback, walking etc… these often include travelling on your own or as a couple / small group.

This specialist seminar is aimed at people who want to gain a better understanding about creating their own adventure, including the challenges and pitfalls that might be encountered and how to best deal with them. How do you prepare for such a trip? What questions should you be asking yourself? How do you get the most out of the experience once on the trip? An expert panel of world renowned expedition planners with years of on-ground experience in many different and varied forms of travel will offer guidance on preparation and logistics to ensure you get the most out of a self-organised adventure.

Seminar Times:


Saturday 21st January 15:30 – 17:30

Sunday 22nd January 15:00 – 17:00

Please note, seminars are limited to 18 people per session so we recommend to book in advance.

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Adventure Planning Seminar tickets are £40 when booked in advance and include entry into the Adventure Travel Show.

Experts include:


Duncan Milligan

Duncan runs Tour de Force, specialising in weird and wonderful overland travel. After many years backpacking around SE Asia, he worked for 5 years as a tour leader / driver for a well-respected Overland company. During this time he spent a year in South America, drove from the UK to Cameroon and back, Nairobi to Cape Town, Kathmandu to the UK via China, Tibet and Central Asia- as well as many trips to the Sahara region. Since setting up Tour de Force, Duncan has been a team member on an expedition to take a flying car to Tomboctou, and travelled as support crew on numerous classic car rallies including, Peking to Paris and London to Cape Town. He has also project managed The Africa Rally and The Mototaxi Junket for The Adventurists. He has led numerous schools expeditions to rural Lesotho and townships in South Africa. Recently Duncan has joined a team training BBC journalists on hostile environments and travel advice. He also advises numerous clients wanting to complete their own, independent, overland adventures.


Saturday Expert – Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent

Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent is a travel writer, TV producer and expedition organiser. She’s driven from Bangkok to Brighton by tuk tuk, broken a Guinness World Record, ridden stupidly small motorbikes through mountains, snow and jungle, organised the world’s longest horse race, filmed for the BBC in Borneo, Bolivia and beyond, written three books and organised vehicle based expeditions in Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Siberia, Mongolia, the Caucasus and more. Her third book, Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains, will be published by Simon & Schuster in June 2017. She also runs



Sunday Expert – Charlie Jaques

As a teenager CJ cut his travel teeth hitching around South America and Australia.  Having decided this was the life for him he worked as an expedition leader for a couple of overland companies, criss crossing the world and pioneering routes through Central Asia, Russia and China. Understanding that there is more than one way to travel he hung up the truck keys and set sail, quite literally and crossed the Atlantic. In his quest to experience everything travel related, he then walked solo for 1,700 km through Europe. He now divides his time between private guiding in Europe, and helping others achieve their travel dreams. 


Please note, seminars are limited to 18 people per session so we recommend to book in advance.

Adventure Planning Seminar tickets are £40 when booked in advance and include entry into the Adventure Travel Show.

(Adventure Planning Seminar tickets are £45 when purchased on the door and do not include entry to the Adventure Travel Show)
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