ATS-FilmFestivalBanner-707x530px (2)An Evening with: The Adventure Travel Film Festival
Saturday 20th January, 6pm – 8:30pm, Adventure Auditorium

Join us for the evening and enjoy a selection of excellent adventure travel films – brought to you by Austin Vince and the Adventure Travel Film Festival!

Austin Vince is one of the curators of The Adventure Travel Film Festival. He receives about 100 films a year from all around the world, short and long, sea, land, lake, desert and mountain – he’s seen the full range of what’s out there today. When he finds a golden nugget, it’s time to take note!

For this very special evening, Austin has cherry picked some great films, several ‘shorts’ and one ‘feature’ length to bring the festival to Olympia for one night only. Rest assured, you can surf all the TV channels in the world but you won’t find stuff as terrific as this anthology!

The aim of the Adventure Travel Film Festival is to showcase the very best independent travel films, guarantee a platform for future adventure film-makers and bring together the adventure travel community.

So if you’re an adventure travel enthusiast or a budding adventure travel film maker – make sure you don’t miss this exciting evening!


Supporting Shorts:

All the below featured films have been made by members of the public but are all stunning in their breadth, vision and sheer technical perfection. The supporting shorts, being only a few minutes in duration, showcase the staggeringly high standard of amateur film-makers…

Scoot Japan (2016) 7 mins
Director: Dave Cornthwaite
Synopsis: Whizzing around Japan and saying Yes more.

Transcaucasian Expedition (2016) 6 mins
Director: Dave Katz
Synopsis: Tom Allen’s incredible footpath project.

Unicycle China (2016) 13 mins
Director: Ed Pratt
Synopsis: Yup, it really says that… unicycle China.

Head In The Sky (2016) 3 mins
Director: Austin Vince
Synopsis: A call to arms for DIY adventure fun.

Chernobyl: 30 Years Later(2016) 3 mins
Director: Chris Fleet
Synopsis: Festival regular visits the empty shell.

From The South UP (2016) 21 mins
Director: Brendon Tyree
synopsis: Stunningly realised solo cycle ride through South America.

Feature Presentation:

DugOut (2016) 55 minutes
Director: Ben Sadd

In this age of obfuscating politicians and alternate facts, it’s great to have a film title that leaves little to the imagination! Ben Sadd and James Trundle have been dropping in at the ATFF for the last five years.

Either as film-makers (2014’s masterful Trail to Anywhere), winners of the camp-fire cooking competition or simply as master spoon whittlers! These guys are what this festival lives and breathes; free spirits with a true thirst for adventure; original, inventive and creative in equal measure. Compliments? You bet. Ben and James are the future: kind, interested, grass roots and genuinely funny.

They should have their own series on BBC2 and when they do, we shall raise a glass and toast them!


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