At Hurtigruten, they believe seeing a destination and experiencing it are two very different things. They don’t do traditional ‘cruises’; they do EXPEDITION cruises. They aren’t about ‘passive passengers’; They’re about EXPLORERS. Their ships aren’t huge and impersonal; but cosy and intimate. And their entertainment isn’t on board their ships; it’s right in the heart of the destination you visit with them.

Their golden age of exploration has expanded to horizons at the top of the world – Norway, Spitsbergen, Iceland, Greenland, Canada – and due south at the other end of the earth – the Amazon, Brazil, Patagonia, and Antarctica. They also have voyages across Europe and down to North Africa, and transatlantic routes from Morocco to Brazil.

With 124 years of bringing you journeys of discovery, Hurtigruten is the largest voyage operator in the Arctic and Antarctica. Their experienced crew has logged 200 expeditions, 51,000 hours, 489,000 miles, and guided more than 50,000 guests to polar regions sustainably. Ships in their fleet sport advanced safety technology, top-of-the-line navigational equipment, and ice-class A propellers.

The allure of a voyage with Hurtigruten isn’t about their onboard entertainment. The true entertainment for your inner explorer is off the ship, uncovering the heart and soul of the places they visit. They have hundreds of excursions to whet your adventurous appetite, each designed to help you get closer to the supreme scenery, the unique wildlife, and the local culture.

The delectable dishes they serve on board their ships are traditional, fresh, and homely. They take great pride in sourcing our ingredients straight from the surrounding sea and landscape, and their menu changes from season to season, and route to route. Flavours are skilfully preserved, enhanced, and presented by their talented team of chefs, be it the buffet or the refined à la carte dining option.

Still, the most vital element you will need on your journey with Hurtigruten is a sense of adventure and exploration. Hurtigruten invite you to jump in, feet first, to see, taste, and experience new things, to meet fellow explorers and locals alike, and to immerse yourself in the culture and activities of their rarely-travelled-to destinations. Come aboard with Hurtigruten and connect with your inner explorer!