To celebrate the true spirit of adventure, these incredible talks from leading explorers, intrepid adventurers, guidebook writers and adventure experts will not fail to inspire and excite.

Saturday 10:00 – 10:30

Jim McNeill
Life in the Freezer

Over the 34 years of Jim’s Polar expeditions there must be only a few questions left that Jim hasn’t answered about what it is really like on a seriously extreme expedition. Whether indulging in his own endeavours or leading film crews on productions such as Frozen Planet, Human Planet and Last Explorers, few have spent so much time in incredibly adverse conditions. Jim challenges the audience to come up with a novel question whilst flitting through an array of humorous and informative mishaps, failures, accidents, near disasters and strange happenings…. and the odd success!


Saturday 10:45 – 11:30

Dave Cornthwaite
Waterbiking Norway

For a decade Dave has been ticking off non motorised journeys over 1000 miles in length, and in the summer of 2017 he spent 9 weeks pedalling off the coast of Norway, along the way camping on wild beaches, battling treacherous conditions and becoming an attraction for the cruise ships that travel along the coast.


Special Feature: Saturday 11:45 – 13:15


An Audience with Sir Ranulph Fiennes

How many chances will you have in your lifetime to not only hear death-defying stories of ground-breaking expeditions which redefined what humanity is capable of, but to hear them from the lips of the very person who has lived to tell the tale?

Come to the Adventure Travel Show and let explorer, survivor and utterly captivating storyteller Sir Ranulph Fiennes carry you away with tales of his formidable feats.



Saturday 13:30 – 14:00


Justine Gosling

Want to explore the Arctic but don’t know where to start? Which of the 8 Arctic countries should you visit? A hike? Ski? Kayak? Summer or winter? Think it’s too expensive? Join me as I take you through my Arctic adventures, giving you an idea of what to expect, how to prepare, kit required and safety considerations when planning an unforgettable adventure above the 66th parallel.

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Saturday 14:15 – 14:45


Leon McCarron

In December 2015, Leon McCarron set off from Jerusalem to walk 1000 miles through the heart of the Middle East. The five-month-long journey took him through the rolling green hills and terraced olive groves of the West Bank; the deep chasm-like wadis and ancient kingdoms of Jordan; and vast, rugged deserts of the Sinai peninsula. Along the way Leon collected the thoughts and stories of the people that he met, and explored the rich past, tense present and uncertain future of the region. He also looked at how contemporary borders and checkpoints have affected the land and its peoples, and the role of walking as a possible way to make divided lands feel whole again. Working on the premise that the brain works best at 3 miles per hour, this talk explores the various layers of culture, history, faith and politics at work in the bubbling cauldron of one of the most complex and compelling places on earth – the Holy Land.

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Saturday 15:00 – 15:30


Mr Beat Germann

India is not often thought of as a complete adventure destination but there is a huge variety of soft and eco activities that are possible. Whether it be 8 hour treks in the Western Ghats, camping explorations in the Northern Kerala , canoeing in the iconic backwaters ,walking safaris, In national parks , Birdwatching with naturalists whilst surrounded by the most amazing scenery ,hospitality and of course great food. India is a country that works very well for all age groups seeking brilliant immersive experiential holidays in quality properties that offer the all important personal touch adding several layers to the experience.

In association with Bespoke India Travel


Saturday 16:00 – 16:30


Dave Cornthwaite & Friends

An Adventurous Life

Dave Cornthwaite hosts a crack team of lifelong adventurers as they share their hidden secrets, hilarious anecdotes and both sides of living an adventurous life.


Saturday 16:40 – 17:10


Austin Vince

Motorcycle Travel – Back to Basics

A call to arms to hit the road and have the world blow your mind.


Saturday 17:15 – 17:45


Wanderlust Gear of the Year Awards

Phoebe Smith and Dave Cornthwaite,

Join Wanderlust’s editor Phoebe Smith and Yes Man Dave Conthwaite as they announce the best gear for 2018 – and offer top gear tips for adventure travellers! Not only that – be there to be in with a chance of winning FREE GEAR in our live raffle!

The Wanderlust Gear of the Year Awards will take place in the main auditorium at 5:15pm 

Please note talk timetables are subject to change.

Sunday 10:30 – 11:45


Global Convoy

The project began in early 2016 with the idea to travel around the world as cheaply as possible through overlanding. The group; Max, Becca, Joel and Richard, created the concept of attempting to complete a full loop of the globe with no planning and with a tiny budget. We knew this would entail many challenging situations that would require serious team work. Shortly after sharing this idea on Facebook, we were overwhelmed by the a number of people who wanted to get involved and the team began to grow, so much that we had to recruit more vehicles to accommodate the interest. We looked for the cheapest cars available on Gumtree, the first being a Skoda Feilica for £75 and the second being a Nissan Micra for just £150. A year later they returned having completed there project circumnavigating the globe.


Sunday 12:00 – 12:30


Dave Cornthwaite & Friends

How to Start Your Adventure

Dave Cornthwaite and guests share a feast of tips about how to come up with amazing adventures, the best ways to plan and how to make sure your first big adventure goes without (much of) a hitch.


Sunday 12:45 – 13:15


Jim McNeill

Have You Got What it Takes?

Jim’s Ice Warrior Project trains ordinary people from all walks of life – novices – to become accomplished, modern-day explorers. Since 2001, the project has trained over 350 people and conducted 7 major adventurous and scientific expeditions. His next, dubbed #LASTPOLE, is the very last World First in Polar Expeditioning to reach the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility – and he’s recruiting! Jim will take you through what it’s like to be an Ice Warrior so you can see whether you have what it takes. He will also be announcing the winner of a competition to win a place on the Ice Warrior Selection Weekend.



Sunday 13:30 – 14:00


Duncan Milligan

Things I wish I knew before I went travelling

How do you stop yourself getting into situations that aren’t quite what you were expecting? What sort of mind-set allows for the best travel experiences? How do you avoid the normal pitfalls of travelling through the developing world? Learn from the mistakes of one man who has made them all and survived to tell the tale.


Sunday 14:15 – 14:45


img_8832Pip Stewart

Things no one tells you about travel – but should.

Got those little voices that try and stop you doing things? We all do! In this talk, adventurer Pip Stewart will suggest how to stop them through sharing her own experiences, from the highs and lows of her 16,000km cycle ride from Malaysia to London (including nearly being blown up by unexploded mortars) as well as what it was like living with indigenous communities in the remote Amazon. Warning: monkey heads and termites for breakfast may be featured.

In association with Wolfsong Media


Sunday 15:00 – 15:30


Dave Cornthwaite


With thousands of lakes and islands, the area around Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario offers some of the best recreational paddling on the planet. From fishing off granite rocks to making bear-friendly campsites, this is a place made for adventure.



Sunday 15:45 – 16:15


Simon Yates

My ‘World Expeditions’ Mountains

Simon has worked in partnership with the adventure travel company World Expeditions for over ten years now, both giving presentations and as a leader of mountaineering and trekking groups. In this presentation Simon will focus on the mountaineering achievements over this time, successfully guiding clients to the summits of Spantik (7027m) in Pakistan, Peak Lenin (7134m) in Kyrgyzstan, a clutch of peaks in Bolivia and most recently Baruntse (7129m) in Nepal. Come and share his journey through the Karakoram, Pamirs, Cordillera Real and the Nepali Himalaya, illustrated by dramatic images collected on his travels and climbs.

In association with World Expeditions



Sunday 16:30 – 17:00


Henry Stedman

DIY Kilimanjaro – a practical guide to climbing Africa’s highest mountain 

At 5895m (19,341ft) Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain. Yet with no mountaineering skills necessary to reach the summit, even non-climbers can experience the thrill of climbing one of the world’s greatest peaks. Taking you from the dusty plains of East Africa through jungle and moorland to the glacier-clad summit, this is one of the most beautiful and challenging treks there is. Henry Stedman has been writing practical guidebooks for more than a decade now and is the author of Trailblazer’s guide to Kilimanjaro. In this popular talk he tells you everything you need to do about organise your trip and what to expect.

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